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Our Commitment

As a Company, we are committed to living in harmony with the environment. We are continually developing products that are at ease with the ecosystem and are produced to sustain renewable and non-renewable resources. Our efforts extend not only to the users of our products, but also to those far beyond our daily business cycle. Our vision is to develop systems and products that continually improve upon this process. At Corporate Chemicals we see ourselves as the regional leader in environmentally safe products that are not only recycled but also continually recyclable. Currently over 97 percent of all our paper and plastic products are now created from post consumer recycled products. The products that we market have extensive uses, and for this reason we realize that we must not only protect their users, but also all those who encounter them on a daily basis. We continue our efforts to reduce V.O.C’s, toxins and phosphates from all products and see this effort coming to a successful close in the very near future. Biodegradability is more than just a catchphrase. It is a way of life, and only a small part of amuch larger philosophy. Most importantly we make this promise without affecting your bottom line. We will gladly entertain any questions, concerns, and suggestions that you may have for us.

Chris Rogers

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