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Case Study: #18   A Sticky Situation


Case:  Sticky floors at local ice creamery.
Location:         Marble Slab Creamery   mslab.jpg               http://www.freebiespot.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/marble_slab.jpg

Situation: Floors were difficult to keep clean and continually sticky.

Concerns: Client impression is very important in high end establishments.  Slip and fall incidents can be very costly and can result in poor public image. 

Expectations: Clean floors with minimal impact on labour force or on budget.

Solution: Bioklenz

Results: Floors were not sticky in 24 hours.  The visual impression of cleanliness improved steadily over a two week period.  Staff were able to clean floors with no special training or health and safety risk.

Cost savings: Three hours per month of labour required to deep scrub and rinse floor plus equipment rental.  ($ 92.00) Impression-Priceless. 














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